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The Non-Filters: Links

The Garage Band Non-Filters Page
Pop's Resale
This store will likely be one of the favorite places of people with like mind of Eric Baker. Not the website but the actual store. Get the map and go see it. Had to put them on here.
Shine A Light
Kristyna Coslow Photography
Long-time Non-Filters friend, fan, and associate showcases her talents. Many of the photos on The Non-Filters site were taken by her. Call or email Kristyna for all your photo needs. This is a free advertisement. However, The Non-Filters will say nice things about you, too, for the right price.
CD Central
A favorite. Lot of time spent here. Vinyl and the occasional bootleg dvd. Nothing better. Plus, they actually stock the Non-Filters cd.
Bob Links
Bob Dylan tour information. If you get the chance, go see him, preferably in an unconventional venue like an abandoned parking lot in Knoxville.
The Time Has Come To Get Down
This is The Non-Filters's first video from the album "Nobody Likes You When You're Down and Out".
Repeal Fire Safe Cigarettes
Here's a good one. Sign the petition, even if you don't smoke, just to make Eric Baker happy.
The Dame
Great Lexington music club.